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About us

About us...

One of the areas where REW s.r.l has been operating for a lot of years, is that of platform stairlifts, disabled movements and elevators industry.
Our radio systems provide special transmission protocols, they have the ability to operate on different radio channels and guarantee very high performance in terms of reliability and operating distance, even under critical operating conditions, as in multi-storey buildings.
REW s.r.l. has realized, for many leading companies of the sector, the entire electronic system of the product, from the radio system to the control board and the machine management, taking care of the safety sensors and the motor driver.

The innovation...

Our “know-how” has allowed the development and the realization of an innovative patent which allows the use of the smartphone to operate and move platforms, seats and lifts.
The system features hybrid technology that combines the versatility of an APP on your smartphone to the performance gained of our radio system.
This allows you to have great operating distances using the smartphone and simplified the installation of the various floor calls.

..and again...

REW s.r.l is leader in many other industries, including the electromedical, nautical, lighting and rail sectors. In particular, in the electromedical field, it has realized a medical device controlled through the internet, for intravenous administration.
REW s.r.l. has dealt with the realization of the entire management system, hardware and software, contributing to the development of a device capable of curing many medical conditions.
The nautical and lighting sector has engaged our company in the design of various electronic devices for the management of navigation and visual signaling.
The railway sector involved us in the design of the headlights control board, assembled on the high-speed train ETR1000.
In the same sector we have designed the “opening door” control system and the acoustic system of “firewatch”.

These are some examples of design. Our company proposes to all those partners who need to design,
to engineer and produce any electronic equipment.

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